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Private Tour Istanbul and Islam

 01st Dec
$230 / (for up to 10 people)


Private Tour Istanbul and Islam


The religion of Islam shapes the life of Muslims, the architecture of the city, and the environment. We will visit the Islamic sights.


* Tour Type:  Full-Day Tour 

* Duration -Approx. 8 hours 

* Starts From:  Your hotel or Union Station (or other convenient location). 

* Ends: Your hotel or Union Station (or other convenient location). 

* Highlights- Beyazıd Mosque, Museum of Turkish and Islamic art, Caferiye Medresesi,

* Lunch -Featuring a selection of Turkish cuisine.




 Bayezid II Mosque: The Beyazidiye Camii was commissioned by Ottoman Sultan Bayezid II, and was the second large imperial mosque complex to be erected in Istanbul after the conquest.

Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum; 
Constructed in 1524, the building was formerly the palace of Pargalı Ibrahim Pasha, who was the second grand vizier to Suleiman the Magnificent. The collection includes notable examples of Islamic calligraphy, tiles, and rugs as well as ethnographic displays on various cultures in Turkey, particularly nomad groups. These displays recreate rooms or dwellings from different time periods and regions.

The Caferağa Medresseh; It was built in 1559 by Mimar Sinan on the orders of Cafer Ağa,[1] during the reign of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent. The medrese was transformed by the Turkish Cultural Service Foundation in 1989 into a tourist center with 15 classrooms/exhibition rooms, a big salon, and a garden where traditional Turkish handicrafts such as calligraphy, ceramics, jewelry and so forth are taught, made and sold.

Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam: The museum was opened on 25 May 2008 and displays replicas of 9th and 16th-century scientific instruments of Muslim scholars. The models were all made at the Institute for the History of Arab-Islamic Sciences of the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt from descriptions and drawings in contemporary texts - very few original items are present. Many items are "completely imagined", while others are based on drawings of similar-looking devices in manuscripts, but it is unknown if these were ever built, or intended to be built.

End of the tour back to your hotel.


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